Anti Slip Coated Chequer Plate

Anti-Slip Powder Coated Chequer Plate

At Chequer Plate Direct, we are now offering Anti-Slip powder coated chequer plate at an affordable price.

Product Features:

  • Suitable for external use
  • Anti-Slip properties independently tested and certified
  • Achieved Fire Classification A2-s, d0 within Classification of reaction to Fire performance following EN 13501 – 1:2013
  • Most RAL colours can be produced, as an anti-slip
  • Excellent wear and rub resistance
  • Environmentally friendly


The testing process for our anti-slip coated chequer plate uses the ASTM D4518 test method. This process measures the static friction  on coated surfaces by determining the resistance.

As a result, the test process has proven our anti-slip powders have a reduced friction coefficient of 35%, in comparison to other standard coatings.

What Is An Anti-Slip Coating, And The Benefits?

An anti-slip coating is a finishing process that applies a rough surface finish to our aluminium chequer plate. The tough, durable coating  improves slip-resistance of the chequer plate and offers a secure walking surface. 

In fact, the main benefit of the rough texture provides an improved slip-resistant that reduces the chance of accidents.

Furthermore, the anti-slip is applied during the powder coating process, which offers a wide array of colours and finishes.  For instance hazardous yellow or clinical white for an architectural or industrial aesthetic finish.

The Application Process


Similarly to the powder coating process, a free-flowing, dry powder is typically applied electrostatically. Then it is cured under heat. 

However, with an anti-slip coating. The consistency is made up with abrasive particles. 

As a result this provides a hard-wearing surface and a heavily rough-textured finished.


Where Can Anti-Slip Chequer Plate Be Used?

Anti-Slip chequer plate is suitable for most environments.  For Instance: 
  • Staircases
  • Platforms
  • Walkways
  • Gangways
  • Wheeled traffic
Other environments can include:

  • Industrial flooring such as factories, warehouses, and hospitals.
  • Commercial flooring for example shops, schools, restaurants, and kitchens.
  • A specialist uses like access ramps for wheelchair users.


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