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Pure Gym Walsall

The Customer

Pure Gym Limited is a chain of no-frills health clubs in the United Kingdom. The chain is based in Leeds, England. It is Britain’s largest gym chain by membership, being the first to gain 1,000,000 members. It has plans to open 300 gyms by 2020

The Challenge - Protecting Walls from Damage

Pure Gym Limited in Walsall were in the process of renovating the interior of their gym. They were looking for an effective way to visually improve the interior while providing that all important wall protection from any accidental damage such as from weights rolling.

The Solution - Wall Protection

Chequer Plate Direct, a leading UK producer of aluminium bespoke products.

They supplied several aluminium 3 bar chequer plate for the wall protection and produced durable corner guards manufactured from aluminium 5 bar chequer plate.

The products were easy to install and created a highly desirable modern aesthetic to the interior.

The Outcome - Modern, Stylish and Practical

A modern and stylish gym interior that also provides practical wall protection from swinging or rolling weights. 

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Garage Wall Protection

Garage Wall Protection


Private, United Kingdom


5 Bar Chequer Plate


Garage Wall Protection

 Our client was researching ways to protect the walls inside their garage from accidental damage. With the durable nature of our product, it makes it the ideal material to be used in this environment.

Our knowledgeable sales team were able to help and answer any queries. The 5-bar aluminium chequer plate was quickly ordered, delivered, and install to the walls.

As a company, we pride ourselves on giving the very best service at all times. We achieve this by remaining customer-focused and driven.


Other Case Studies

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Birmingham Airport


Birmingham Airport, United Kingdom


5 Bar Chequer Plate


Retail Floor Protection


Due to the location and openness of the shops, the floor experiences constant and heavy footfall. Which in turn wears away. With aluminium chequered plate floor, the strong durable nature makes it ideal that experiences heavy traffic areas. In addition, the material is easy to disinfect and has a smart and clean appearance.

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Tree Pit Covers

Where to use?

The tree pit cover is suitable for the outdoors and it offers a safe walking area in public spaces.

The sleek design can bring enhancement to any paved or landscaped area, where access to

the root ball and tree maintenance will be required.

Features & Benefits

  • Provides protection for the tree trunk, branches and leaves
  • Easy to remove the tree cover when using a lifting key
  • The tree cover helps with ongoing maintenance for trees
  • Durable for all types of seasons
  • Created pattern of choice provides easy access to water drainage
  • Resistant to rust and corrosion

Manufacturer Requirements

The aluminium floor covers are fast and easy to install. The modular nature of the system allows custom lengths and widths to be fabricated with choice of corner angles ideal for navigating around drainage pipes, brickwork and more. The top plates can be fabricated and finished with custom designs, patterns and laser engravings to your specification or choose from a range of pre-set patterns ideal for allowing additional water drainage. All designs are accurately cut onsite using our various CAD, CNC, Waterjet and laser cutting machinery.


As a company, we pride ourselves on giving the very best service at all times. We achieve this by remaining customer-focused and driven. Many of our tree pit covers have provided solutions for our customer’s needs. With our friendly staff and professional guidance, we remain committed to listening to our customers and responding to their requirements.

Stairs Renovation





195mm x 908mm 5 bar Aluminium 5 bar tread plate

114mm x 908mm 5 bar Aluminium 5 tread plate


Chequer Plate supplied several chequer plates sheets for a private flat project.

The stairs leading to the property were exposed to moisture and weather conditions, with increasing issues for health and safety.

Using our Chequer Plate is great for protecting the stairs, as well as providing more grip during damp conditions and adding a smart finish.

During the installation process, a strong adhesive sealant was applied to marine ply and screws were used for added security.

The customer was thankful for our service and very satisfied with the finished job.

Boat Impact Protection

Location: Florida

Products: 5 Bar Chequer Plate

Project: Protecting the stern of a boat with our manufactured chequer plate. Our client was having an issue with placing the engine on the stern due to constantly damaging the fibreglass of the boat. With the recommendations from our team, we were able to supply protection from accidental damage and increasing the protection from any crocodile threat.

Fact: Due to Crocodiles having a delicate underbelly, the chequer plate aggravates their underbelly.

Rabbit Hutch



2mm Thick

500mm x 1000mm Chequer Plate


A client approached our customer
service team requested a piece chequer plate for their rabbit pen. We delivered
a 2mm thick 500mmx1000mm chequer plate. Ideal for protecting surfaces and easy
to clean from any unsuspecting accidents. All the edges were buffed out making
it safe for the rabbits.

Bespoke Wedge Ramp

Ramp with wheels:



Bespoke Aluminium Wedge Ramp


At Chequer Plate Direct, we offer a highly competitive bespoke service.

A customer reached out to our service team requesting a bespoke project.

The customer with health problems had been experiencing access issues with their vehicle. 

A normal ramp wouldn’t have adequate as a result of the location and the requirement to relocate the ramp daily. Mobility and weight would have provided an issue.

With our dedicated team of designers and customer service, we were able to provide a bespoke aluminium wedge ramp, with wheels for easy movement and circular holes cut out to reduce the weight. 

Our customer was more than happy with his purchase.

Q Floor Systems




2 x 5 Bar Tread Chequer Plate

4.5 Thick




At Chequer Plate Direct, deliver a great B2B services which saw Q Flooring System requesting our 5 bar Tread Chequer Plate to utilise in PermaFloor flooring systems.

PermaFloor Systems is a 15mm thick magnesium oxychloride screeds, that can be installed over existing floor finishes including concrete, granolithic, steel tiles and ceramics.

Using Chequer Plate for DIY

With the rise of DIY projects on social media on the likes of Facebook and Pinterest, many of us are hopping on the band-wagon. Whether it’s showing off our crafty skills, upcycling or even home renovations. 

Metal is not always the first material that springs to mind, let alone Chequer Plate to use for DIY. So you should consider using aluminium chequer plate for projects because of the strong and durable characteristics. Moreover, aluminium is ideally suited to project surfaces and protect from harmful chemicals.  Furthermore, this piece of metal will WOW the people you know, as well as adding a bit of flair and edge to any project.

But you’ re probably thinking; Where do I begin? How do I cut the chequer plate? How do you stick chequer plates together? And many more questions…

Well, you’re in the right place, because in this post we are will wield you with the information to go forth with your Chequer Plate DIY project.

If you are considering buying chequer plate, wellhead on over to our website:

Or give us a call -:44 (0) 1922 711185

Chequer Plate 
Chequer Plate for DIY
Chequer Plate Hand
Chequer Plate bar

How To Cut The Chequer Plate?

Chequer Plate Sheet
Cut Chequer Plate
Cutout Chequer Plate
Chequer Plate for DIY

Firstly aluminium cuts nicely with a circular saw, so invest in some earplugs, goggles to protect yourself and get a clamp to hold down the chequer plate. 

In addition, it is an idea to invest in some cutting oil or wd40 to help lubricate the blade, maximize the life of the equipment and reduces the friction.

Before cutting. Mark with a felt tip pen on the smooth side and cut slowly to prevent the teeth clogging up. If they do clog, scrub the blade with a wire brush. For the finish, use a metal file to smoothen any rough edges.

To Stick or Weld or To Screw. How To Fuse Aluminium Chequer Plate? Is the question

Man Welding
Blue Light
Welding Metal
Chequer Plate for DIY

This all depends on your skill level and the type of project.

Before you begin, clean the metal and remove as much particle matter as possible.

To weld, a plain sheet aluminium, use a propane torch and an aluminium brazing rod to bond the pieces of metal. However, with aluminium chequer plate, due to the type and pattern of material, it is advised to visit a welder.

Another option is to glue metal, there are several types of special adhesives, including epoxy, polyurethane, and cyanoacrylate products.

One of the best options is either single component epoxy or two-part epoxy that comes as separate components which must be combined before use. The two-part epoxy creates the strongest metal to metal bond.

After cleaning and prepping the metal, carefully glue, and use a clamp to hold together. Ideally, leave for at least 24hrs.

Depending on the project, screwing can be an easier option for attaching the chequer plate. It is as simple as securing the chequer plate with clamps, marking out the holes for the screws, and using a drill to make the holes.


Aluminium Wedge Ramps | NOW STOCKED

 We are proud to announce  Aluminium Wedge Ramps are now avaliable to be purchased online. 

For any bespoke requirements, contact our team via telephone or email to receive a quotation.

Wondered what Wedge Ramps are used for?

 Usually, they’re used as a mobility aid to overcome door thresholds or used inside industrial settings.

What is the weight capacity of these ramps?

The weight capacity of these ramps is around 60kg depending on which size you order. 

If you need a higher weight capacity, contact us with your bespoke requirements.


What thickness will these be created from?

2mm Aluminium Checker Plate.

What if I have bespoke requirements?

Send us your bespoke requirements at

If you’re unsure of what measurements you need please refer to the below drawing or contact us at +44 (0) 1922 711474.


Aluminium Threshold Door-Line Wedge Ramp Drawing | Chequer Plate Direct

A = Width, B = Length & C = Height.

If you have any questions, contact us and we can help you through the process.


Aluminium Chequer Plate Wheelchair Access Bridge Ramp

Aluminium Bridge Ramps | NOW STOCKED

We are proud to announce that Aluminium Bridge Ramps are now able to be purchased online.
Standard sizes are available at competitive prices.


Easy to setup

Design allows for incredible grip

Designed to flex onto and sit on the threshold

Lightweight and portable

No stains or corrosion

These ramps are only suitable for use as mobility aids

What are these Threshold Bridge Ramps used for? 

These Aluminium Bridge Ramps are used to allow mobility access over door thresholds. Please measure the height of the threshold and choose your standard sizes accordingly. We range from 40mm Load Height to 100mm Load Height.

What thickness are these ramps? What is the weight capacity?

The weight capacity of these ramps is 60kg. We rely on the Door Threshold to take most of the weight, the ramp itself with have rubber struts to prevent it slipping and moving when in use. We currently manufacture in 2mm, this means if not used correctly the 2mm Thickness will bend however, if used on a threshold this thickness will be sufficient



What if I have custom requirements?

Send us your bespoke requirements at

If you’re unsure of what measurements you need 

please refer to the below drawing or contact us at +44 (0) 1922 711474.

A = Width, E = Load Height, C = Bridge Length, B + C + D = Overall Length.


Feel free to contact us at