What Is Wall Protection and The Benefits

What is Wall Protection

Wall protection products provide a level of protection in fitout projects for walls, corners, and doors from wheeled and pedestrian traffic. As a result, it offers practical protection and has become a solution to keeping maintenance costs down and even provide a decorative finish.

The causes of damaged walls are from moveable objects such as wheelchairs, carts, gurneys, office chairs and even warehouse vehicles.

There are various types of wall protection products such as wall sheets to corner guards, door kickplates and more, all that provide high-impact resistance, quality, and easy maintenance.


What are the Benefits?


Firstly, aluminium wall protection is a hard-wearing surface. It has great corrosion resistance and provides a robust surface against thorough cleaning routines.  


Secondly. the material is considered a highly durable material. It has a long-life span and requires less maintenance than other metals. Its durable nature makes it ideal for protecting the wall from scuffs and dents.


Chequer Plate Sheet

 Easy To Install:

Thirdly, the lightweight nature of the products makes them easy to install on interior surfaces with minimal requirements.


Finally, aluminium wall protection and cladding are fast becoming a design staple for contemporary interiors. Architects and designers do not need to choose between style and substance because aluminium is aesthetically pleasing while offering a durable, hygienic, and lightweight. 

It has become an innovative way to add a touch of style.  

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Rabbit Hutch



2mm Thick

500mm x 1000mm Chequer Plate


A client approached our customer
service team requested a piece chequer plate for their rabbit pen. We delivered
a 2mm thick 500mmx1000mm chequer plate. Ideal for protecting surfaces and easy
to clean from any unsuspecting accidents. All the edges were buffed out making
it safe for the rabbits.

Checker Plate Kicker Plates for Stairway | Chequer Plate Direct

Customer Showcase: Kicker Plates for Stairway

Customer Showcase: Kicker Plates for Stairway

Chequer Plate Direct have recently supplied a number of sheets for use as kick plates for a private holiday flat.

What did we supply?

  • 159mm x 908mm 2mm o/base aluminium 5 bar tread plate
  • 114mm x 908mm 2mm o/base aluminium 5 bar tread plate


Before installation the plywood was exposed to moisture and weather.

During Installation:

A work in progress using a strong adhesive sealant applied to marine ply. Holes were added to improve the bonding.

Finished Job

The finished job with the kick plates installed on the staircase up to the flat. It provides a nice, smart finish and protects the staircase

What did the customer have to say?

Many thanks for your service and your very helpful staff, very satisfied with the finished job. Alan Cottrill – Holiday Flat Kicker Plates