Aluminium Tree Grille Pit Cover

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The aluminium tree grating is fast and easy to install. The modular nature of system allows for pre-fabricated sections and corners to be made up to suit site requirements. Created with your choice of pattern which are cut out to provide water drainage whilst still providing a safe cover for tree planters. Can also be designed to suit a variety of loadings from pedestrian up to vehicles.


  • Allows ongoing maintenance of trees
  • Resistant to rust and corrosion
  • Easily installed following our video
  • Able to add any pattern of your choice
  • Able to suit a variety of loading’s, from pedestrians to vehicles
  • Able to be made to any size or shape required

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Installation Steps

1. Slide retaining lugs and special nut sections into curbing.

2. Offer curbing to rebate.

3. Check alignment with template as shown and grout complete curbing assembly in position.

4. Position flooring plates, align nuts with predrilled flooring plates and bolt flooring down.


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